Big Wheels

Main Line Today, Today Media, Uncle Goose Toys

Started working on a new coloring book project (samples to be posted once the book is published), and in the meantime, had a few short deadline projects. The illustration above was for Main Line Today magazine for an article about super competitive pre-school admissions. The article was more slanted toward a ‘Hunger Games’ parody, but once they mentioned ‘big wheels’, I started picturing something more along the lines of “Mad Max Fury Road”. I posted the sketch for this in the previous post, and here’s how the finish turned out. Below are a few new portraits of Hillary and Donald for a set of Presidential Wooden Blocks that I did several years ago (and have been providing ‘just in case’ portraits in the intervening years). I jokingly said to the client that since we are starting to amass a collection of ‘also rans’ that we perhaps ought to put together a set of ‘Loser Blocks’ with all the candidates who lost the presidential bid (who knows, maybe I’ll just do a series of portraits along this line on my own, just for fun).