Oscar Poster 2010 – Now in 3-D!

Oscar Poster

(update March 6) Down to the wire, with the oscar party at my brother’s restaurant less than two days away, and I’ve finally finished the black and white version of this year’s oscar caricature poster. A bit of a crowded mess this year, with ten nominations, but finally managed to crowd everything in. I’ll be spending part of the day on Saturday working up the 3D version, and hopefully can get it printed in time to take with us to Chicago tomorrow afternoon. (my order of 3D glasses came in the mail earlier this week, so I’ll have several pairs to bring with me)
Every year on ‘Oscar Night’ my brother in Chicago hosts an ‘awards party’, and for the past 6 years I’ve been doing a commemorative ‘caricature poster’ to present as a gift. This year, with all the fuss about the new ‘3D’ process utilized in the film ‘Avatar’, I thought I’d try my hand at a 3-D oscar poster this year (of course this meant tracking down some special glasses for viewing it). Above is the 3D version of the black and white art. (You’ll need a pair of the ‘old fashioned 3D glasses’ to view it – (Red cellophane over the left eye and Blue over the right eye). You can click on either image above to get a larger detailed view.

The finished poster is approximately 14 x 16 printed on an 18 x 24 sheet of quality paper.
You can see all the rest of the posters in this seriesĀ under the ‘portfolio’ section of the menubar.