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I’ve been mentioning over the past month how I’ve been working on a large board game project for a client in Helsinki, and now I’m finally ready to share a sampling of the work that’s been monopolizing most of my time over the past six weeks or so. This is another board game for the same client I’ve done 3 other projects for over the past few years, a sort of ‘companion piece’ to the ‘Ep√§illyt’ Helsinki mystery game that I did last year. Also set in the same city (but around 1950 during a time when the Olympics were held there), but this one features a ‘marketplace’ theme where you try to set up different booths in the public square and compete for customers. Above is the box layout with the front cover and sides (you can click on the image above to see a larger more detailed version), and below is what the board looks like (again, you can click on the image to see a larger version).

In addition to the board and box, there were also many cards and tiles to develop, and I’ve posted a small sampling of these below. There were 6 different color coded ‘booths’ and various cards and tiles related to gameplay.