Mother Hubbard

ChronicleHE, WSJ

Halfway through April, and it continues to be pretty slow. Waiting on a big project in the meantime and the go-ahead on a couple of other projects, but in the meantime I had a few quick turnaround pieces over the past week. The one above was a commentary piece for the Chronicle, and the one below was for the Wall Street Journal (on the day that the dow came close to reaching 11,000). Since the Journal piece is a horizontal, and they don’t translate well to this blog format, I’ve also included a larger version that you can see by clicking on the image below.

I’m also been thinking of doing another 3-D piece, just for the novelty, and perhaps as an entry to a local arts festival. I’ve been experimenting with different techniques and subject matter, and will post some samples when I get a little further along.