Style Experiments

Self Promotion, WSJ

Been experimenting this week. Trying to reinvent myself with some new style approaches. I started out the week with a caricature of John Hamm from TV’s “Mad Men”. Not a huge stretch as far as style goes, I’ve done caricature before, and this was a mixed media approach similar to one that I used for a paper doll project this summer, but I tried to push the ‘sketchiness’ of the colored pencils a bit more than I usually do in this one. (You can click on the picture above to see a larger more detailed version)

I also started out the week with an ‘aches & claims’ illustration for the Wall Street Journal. I’ve been doing these for about 9 years, and at one time these were a weekly assignment, but they’ve grown more and more infrequent in the past year.

I also had a barter project that I’m doing for a friend (pictured above). I also landed a new client on Monday, a national political magazine on the east coast, so I’ll be spending the remainder of this week working on a quick turnaround cover assignment, and hopefully, in the downtime, working on some more style experiments.