On the “Interwebs”

Self Promotion

Besides the upcoming postcard, and the various email mailers I’ve been sending out this spring, I’ve also been trying to boost my web exposure with a variety of sites (some paid, others not). To start out with, I recently renewed my membership at theispot.com, with whom I’ve been associated since the spring of 2000. (click on each screenshot to visit the site in question)

And, as a side benefit to being an Adbase subscriber, I also recently set up a portfolio site on their ‘Found Folios’ site (I’ve yet to max out their image hosting capabilities, so I’ll probably be adding to the samples at this site)

Also, this year I signed up with a UK based portfolio site, in order to try and make more contacts across the pond. Also, as a side benefit to this site, I am able to bundle extra postcards with regular mailings that this company sends out to potential clients. Time will tell if this proves worthwhile. (I’ve found this site works better with Firefox as a browser rather than Safari)

In addition, I’ve also signed up on the free site Illustrationmundo. Not sure if this one actually reaches any clients, but has a ‘news’ feature that I’ve been trying to make use of on a regular basis just to keep active and ‘visible’.
Another couple that I’m not really sure are all that important (but I want to cover all the bases) are Facebook and LinkedIn.

And then of course, there is this blog, which I started in 2007, and then my own personal website which pre-dates all of the above. Interesting though, how good old fashioned postcard printings send via snail mail still seem to be the most effective marketing tools.