Days Five through Seven

comics, Freaks of Nurture Comics

Day Five:

Was way too busy yesterday to do any drawing, so I had to skip a day in my 90 day challenge. Today I took an old photo of my wife’s deceased mother and experimented a bit with the ‘gouache’ tools from my Painter software. Usually when I’ve ‘dabble in painting’ in Painter in the past, I’ve stuck to the ‘oils’ tools and sometimes the ‘oil pastels’, but this medium took a little bit of getting used to. It definitely had more of a ‘wet on wet’ feel to it. I’m not really crazy about the colors, so I may go back and work on this piece some more later. (you can click on the image above for a bigger version)

Day Six:

Wasn’t entirely satisfied with my ‘gouache’ experiment yesterday, so I tried another one today. This time starting with a blank canvas and no reference and just started doodling off the top of my head. Still a ways to go with this medium yet, so I’ll probably give it another shot later.

Day Seven:

For today’s ‘drawing a day’, I chose to finish up one in a series of single page comics that I’ve been doing with a collaborator for the past year or so, for the ‘Freaks of Nurture’ website (click on the image above for a larger, easier to read version). I also had a couple illustration assignments come in this afternoon, and spent a portion of the day conceptualizing and doing rough sketches.