Days 9 through 13

Barrons, ChronicleHE

Day Nine:

Today’s illustration is another (sort of) paying job. An illustration for a friend’s promotional postcard mailer.

Day Ten:

For today’s drawing I decided to go back to the gouache tools again. I wanted to play around with some portraits, so I found some anonymous high school yearbook portraits that I found on google and painted a quartet of them, trying to stretch myself colorwise, choosing colors I wouldn’t ordinarily use, and trying for more of a rough painterly approach to it. This was a lot of fun, I may do some more like this tomorrow. (you can get a little closer look by clicking on the image above)

Day Eleven:

Enjoyed yesterday’s experiment so much, that I continued along the same vein today. Tomorrow’s post will more than likely be a paying gig.

Day Twelve:

Today’s illustration was an assignment for Barrons. I wasn’t sure how they were going to lay out the page, so I did two versions of this one, one with a background, and one without. The assignment called for a picture of the character of Liza Doolittle’s father from Pygmalion.

Day Thirteen:

Today’s drawing is an illustration assignment that I had for the Chronicle due early this morning. A few more assignments have trickled in over the past few days, so I may be posting less ‘extracurricular’ work over the next few days, and concentrating on making a living instead (thank goodness).