Days 19 through 22

comics, Freaks of Nurture Comics, National Geographic

Day Nineteen:

Today’s drawings are a couple rough sketches for an upcoming project for a west coast client. I had done a rather large project for them about two years ago, and hadn’t heard anything since, but then got a call out of the blue from them a couple weeks ago (turns out they are riding out the recession like a lot of folks, cutting back and scaling down, and have only just recently began assigning work again). There will be more to this project later, but for now, this is what I’ve been given the green light on.

Day Twenty:

Spent a lot of today working on rough sketches for upcoming projects, so along that vein, today’s illustration is more along the lines of a ‘quick sketch’.

Day Twenty One:

Today I started laying out the next comic feature for the ‘Freaks of Nurture’ project (and began the finished artwork, sample panel above). This one is a departure of sorts from the previous ones, where I’m adapting a ‘story’ that doesn’t really have much humor in it, but it is nicely written and I’m enthused to get going on it.

Day Twenty Two:

For today’s drawing, I did another experiment using the paint tools. Last winter, I did an illustration for a website called ‘Covered’, where artists submit illustrations based on old comic book covers. I decided to try this again (although this time I didn’t bother submitting it to the site, since it usually takes about a month or so to be posted, and they prefer you don’t post it to your own site until that time), and this time chose an old fifties ‘romance’ comic book for my inspiration.