Days 31 through 33

Barrons, Business North Carolina, National Geographic

Day Thirty One

Today’s illustration was a quick turnaround assignment for Barrons (since it’s such a strong horizontal, I’ve also provided a larger version that you can see by clicking on the image above). Going to be a busy coming week, and no complaints, because it’s a nice change of pace from how the rest of this year has been shaping up. Keep them assignments coming folks! Now, back to the ‘virtual drawing board’.

Day Thirty Two

Spent most of the weekend either recording vocal tracks for an upcoming cd for the Jukejoint Handmedowns or working on the above illustration for what used to be National Geographic School Publishing (the company has changed hands between now and when this illustration was originally assigned). This illustration goes along with the ‘cockatoo’ illustration from a few days ago, and a black and white illustration that I’ll likely be finishing up sometime this week, once the ok on the sketch comes down the pike.

Day Thirty Three

This is the start of what is proving to be a very busy week for me. Aside from a number of assignments, I’ve also scheduled several music practices throughout the week in preparation for several gigs in the second half of the month. I’ve several samples to post today, as I take a short break from the action.
The drawing above was a rough sketch for a fiction piece for a new client. Below is a series of illustrations that I did for Business North Carolina. This is for a rather dry story about banking and takeovers and business meetings, and as a way to spice it up, they wanted rough sketches to look like ‘movie storyboards’. The hard part for me, of course, as a detailed oriented scratchboard illustrator is in leaving things loose and unfinished, so this was a particular challenge. Originally I wanted to do these using a style that looked like ‘design markers’ but I had a hard time working with the medium in a way that I was happy with, and after several false starts, I went back to watercolor wash instead.

I also was asked today to provide a black and white version of the ‘parrot’ illustration that I had completed this weekend. The size was slightly different, so I had to do a little bit of manipulation of the design elements. (pictured below, and see the previous post for the color version)

Back to work…