Days 41 through 45

Barrons, National Geographic, River Styx

Day Forty One

Today’s illustration finishes up a project for the National Geographic School Publishers that I started a couple weeks ago. This black and white spot illustration was a latecomer to the project and only just got okayed a couple days ago.

Day Forty Two

Today’s illustration was an assignment for an upcoming issue of Barrons. Got it done a bit ahead of deadline since I had some time to spare today.

Day Forty Three

Today’s illustration is a fiction piece for River Styx magazine.

Day Forty Four

A personal quick paint sketch today. Been thinking a lot about trees lately, as subjects. I ride my bike through nearby Riverside Park on a daily basis, and I’ve been noticing more and more of the interesting variety of trees as I pass by them. I might like to take a sketchbook down there sometime and just fill up a book with nothing but trees.
Yesterday evening I played a music gig at an art gallery in Ada, and was wandering around looking at the paintings during our rest breaks, and it sort of got me inspired to play around again with some ‘virtual paints’ this morning. Nothing overly ambitious, just a fast and loose tree sketch.

Day Forty Five (halfway point)

After a very busy week, I decided to take Sunday off. Today’s drawing is a rough color sketch for an assignment for one of my regular clients, where they asked for a Roy Lichtenstein-esque scene with a very particular set-up and text. I love assignments like this, where I can analyze and emulate another artists’ style, as I usually come out of it with new techniques and tricks that I wouldn’t otherwise have stumbled across. The finish will probably be a lot tighter in the linework and will most likely be posted tomorrow.