Days 46 through 48

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Day Forty Six

Today I finished up the Roy Lichtenstein-esque illustration for the Chronicle (I posted the rough sketch yesterday). Not a lot of difference, other than tighter linework and slightly different color choices. This was a fun little project, it sort of reminded me of my days of graphic design back in the eighties, working with zipatone screens. I also saved a version of the black and white art, before I added the color swatches (pictured below).

Day Forty Seven

Today I’ve been working on sketches for the cover of an animal joke book for kids for one of my book publishing clients. The layout is still up in the air, so I’m giving them each animal separately so they can move them around in the design at this early stage.

Day Forty Eight

Today I spent a great deal of time working on another ‘Freaks of Nurture’ comic blog adaptation. I did a rough sketch for this several weeks back, but for some reason or another it was put on hold for some ‘writing tweaks’ that never quite materialized. I got about half done with it today, and will post the rest once I get it finished in the next few days. (click on the image above to see a larger version).
I also worked on some rough sketches for a Journal spot assignment. The finish is due tomorrow, so check in then to see which one got chosen.