Days 49 through 51

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Day Forty Nine

Here’s the finished illustration for that WSJ job. Personally I preferred the ‘magic trick’ sketch, but this one probably fits the story better, which the editors decided to go with.

Day Fifty

During the eighties, I had an extended period where I had pushed illustration to the side, and spent my time working in the field of graphic design and typesetting. This was in the days before computer graphics, and much of the type of work I was doing (paste ups, photostats, halftones, type specs) has since gone the way of the horse drawn carriage and manual typewriter. I haven’t done much in the way of graphic design in the past twenty plus years, but since I’ve been involved with this music group, I’ve started dabbling with poster design as a way of promoting our gigs. It’s been quite fun and personally rewarding, especially since the only client I have to please is myself (and my bandmates, who so far haven’t been all that opinionated on the subject).
So today, rather than posting an illustration, I’m going to post a series of poster/flyers that I’ve been creating in photoshop over the past several months for the ‘Jukejoint Handmedowns’, and more of my graphic work for this band can be seen on our ‘facebook page’ in one of the ‘photo galleries’. Photos used in these posters are courtesy of my wife Terri Foley.

Day Fifty One

Took the day off drawing on Sunday, as we had to drive down to South Haven for some babysitting duties. Didn’t really have much planned to do on Monday when I got back to work, but the morning emails contained a quick commission to draw a dog for the advertising for a musician’s stickers and tee shirts down in Georgia. I also had enough free time that I was able to finish up my ‘freaks of nurture’ comic adaptation (pictured below, click on the image to see a larger version).