Days 67-71

AHMM, Highlights

Day Sixty Seven

Today I had another fiction assignment for Dell Publishing (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine). Been doing work for this client for about 22 years, with my first assignment in the fall of 1989. Only the second one I’ve done for them so far in 2011.

Day Sixty Eight

A couple more illustrations for the academic book project. 3 more to go. A lot of black and white lately, may have to do a color piece just for myself this weekend. Might also be time to start working on a fall mailer just to remind people I’m still here.

Day Sixty Nine

Another of the spot illustrations for this ongoing academic book project I’m working on. A couple more to go (which I’ll probably end up finishing tomorrow), and then I’ll be moving on to a couple color projects.

Day Seventy

Today’s illustration is the last two of the spot illos for the academic book project I’ve been working on all week. I still need to do some sketches today for a new Chronicle job, plus I’ll need to get started on a color piece for Highlights for early next week. Looks like beautiful weather this weekend, so I may take the next two days off and do some sailing.

Day Seventy One

Had a busier than usual day today. Finished up a revised version of one of the black and white spot illustrations for the academic book project from last week (pictured below), plus did a color spot illustration for Highlights (pictured above). Also started work on an illustration for the Chronicle, which I’ll probably finish up either tonight or in the morning and will post it tomorrow.