More Upbeat Economic Indicators

Barrons, WSJ

A couple assignments for Dow Jones this past weekend, just before the Xmas break. Funnily enough, the illustration above was a concept that I had proposed for another ‘year end’ assignment two years ago, but at that time was thought to be too ‘dire and depressing’, but the AD at the Wall Street Journal came to me this week proposing a resurrection of the concept for a new article in the weekend edition (a spoof of the iconic photo from the depression era). Apparently, it isn’t ‘too depressing’ anymore. (since it was such a strong horizontal, I’ve also posted a larger version, you can see by clicking on the image above).
Below, is an assignment for Barrons, about the pitfalls of having too much of a ‘hands on’ approach to managing your investments. After a lot of stylistic experimenting over the past few months, it was nice to get back to some comfy scratchboard again.