More Amish Girls

Baker Book House

Continuing this week to work through the series of ‘Amish Girl’ interior illustrations for a book project. Should have this finished up by tomorrow. I remember what a hard time I had getting started on these, mostly because it felt like a very alien style to me, but once I got through 4 or 5 of them, I managed to find my footing, and I started getting more relaxed about it. It is going to be weird now not having these on the daily docket anymore (at least until book 2).

Got a call yesterday regarding a new and unusual project from a new client. It’s a local firm, so I’ll be putting on the suit and heading out for a ‘face to face meeting’ (first time in probably 15 years I’ve had to do this). Also, they’d like to see ‘printed samples’, so I guess I’ll also be digging some of those out of mothballs as well (I can’t remember the last time I’ve had to show a portfolio). More details later in the week or possibly next week.