Sketchin’ and Ridin’

Barrons, xibitz

The pace has relaxed a bit toward the end of this week. Spent the past two days mostly doing preparatory work, rough sketches, tests, etc for upcoming projects. The ‘bicyclist’ above (and the alternate sketch below) are for an upcoming ‘museum display’ project that I’m working on for a local client. A series of life sized cutout figures, which should be challenging both in adjusting my style for readability at that size, and trying to keep the ‘big picture’ in mind while working on whatever portions of the art can fit on my screen at one time. I also did a series of ‘test runs’ for the final art at different line widths so that the client could get an idea of what would work with their printing processes (the picture of the bicyclist’s head, below is from that test batch).

I also did a series of sketches for a Barron’s interior piece for next week (the one they chose, based on the editor’s idea is pictured below), and I’ll post the finish after the weekend. Been beautiful weather here all week in Michigan, so I’ve been lucky enough with my workload that I’ve been able to take a few hours off each day for extended bike rides. Of course, all the trees and flowers are all confused and blooming early. A frost at this point could really wreak havoc with the fruit crops around here.