Margo (55) Dad (56) Roy (54) Melissa (52) Corey (53)

Facebook Faces

Been a very slow May, business-wise, but got a call from one of my clients yesterday with some hopeful news for the summer. I did a few preliminary sketches/schematic drawings this morning in relation to that project, and then followed up with another of my daily portraits. Today’s portrait is of my sister Margo (her daughter Emily is #28, my other sister Denise is #39, and our Mom is #44). I tried breaking out of the box with regards to style on this one, but didn’t get too far from the comfy confines of my usual tools by the time I was finished. Time permitting, I may do another portrait this afternoon, and try to stretch a bit further (and why not keep in the family today by doing my Dad…).
Was much happier with the way that the ‘Dad’ portrait turned out. A mixture of scratchboard techniques and color and texture overlay methods. (Dad’s girlfriend Sheila was #7)

Today I worked on my weekly ‘blown covers’ sketch/concept, and then in the afternoon did this portrait of my cousin Roy for my ongoing ‘facebook portrait’ challenge. (Roy’s Dad ‘Uncle Lee’ was the First in this series)

The first portrait I did today was of a high school friend Melissa (and yet another friend with a photo on facebook of them playing guitar). I was under the gun, time-wise, due to an appointment, so this one was done in a bit of a hurry, and without much in the way of experimentation.

Later in the afternoon, I found time to do another one. Been a while since I’ve done a caricature, so I chose as a subject, a facebook acquaintance I don’t particularly know very well, to free myself up from too much anxiety about whether I was ‘capturing a favorable likeness’. This is Corey, who runs a traveling burlesque show, and is also a caricature artist himself (our connection is that we’ve exchanged a couple emails in the past, when his group was looking for a bass player, and the fact that I’ve seen him around town in various venues and guises).