Blown Covers & more Faces

Blown Covers, Facebook Faces

Today’s portrait is of my cousin Kathy (her brothers were #28 & 29). Did this one in a sketchy oil paint style.

The ‘Blown Covers’ blog winners are in process of being announced, and this was my entry for this weeks’ ‘Father’s Day’ topic. I’ll be the first to admit that the concept was a bit on the weak side this week, and there were an awful lot of ‘Dads with kids on their shoulders’ in the slush pile.

Today’s portrait is of Dave, the owner of a local bar/nightclub who has given our band lots of good gigging opportunities over the past year or so, despite our poor audience turnout on several occasions. Unfortunately he’ll be closing his doors for good at the end of July (and we’re working on getting a chance to play there one more time before then). I tried to steer clear of the ‘usual’ drawing tools today, and did this one completely using a grainy tint tool and varying the size and contrast of the paper pattern.