Facebook Faces, River Styx

Coming out of Memorial Day weekend, and believe it or not I’ve actually got some work to do today. Taking a break from the portraits and spending the day doing rough sketches for a couple upcoming projects. This one above is for a short story on zombies for a fiction magazine.

Later in the day I had a little spare time, so tackled another portrait from my list. This time I decided that rather than base the portrait on an existing photo, that I’d take several photos and draw something off the top of my head. This one is of my cousin Amy (her Dad was #1, and her brother was #54). Since I was in a crunch for time, I left this one as a pencil sketch. This was a good kick in the pants to my tendency to ‘get in a rut’, so I may stick with this method for the next couple of days. The funny thing, is how the likeness ended up looking a lot more like her mother, without my intending it to.