Jim (101) Keenan (100) Denise (99)

Facebook Faces, Keenan

Today’s portrait is a quick pen and ink study of Jim, another member of the ‘Living Room Philharmonic Orchestra’ (an informal group of ‘jam buddies’ who met to play music in each other’s houses back around 2001-2002 – other members of this group included #12, #38, #63 & #64, and #65 & #66).

Made it to 100. This one is of my son, Keenan, from a photo taken at one of his recent gigs in Chicago.


Another one of those ‘bashful’ facebookers who only have one grainy photo of themselves on their site. This one is of another high school classmate, Denise, done in ‘oils’. I’ll be gone all day tomorrow driving to Ann Arbor to pick up my Dad from the hospital, so I won’t be posting the ‘blown cover’ sketch until probably Saturday*.

*Apparently there’s been some developments in the ongoing ‘Blown Covers’ saga while I was gone today. It was announced on Monday that they would be ending this contest in 3-4 weeks due to time constraints, but it seems there was a change of heart due to popular demand. So I won’t be posting my sketch until sometime next week.