111 Trout & Blown Covers

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Working today on the ‘museum figures’, and will take a break in the afternoon for a long bike ride, but in the meantime, I also found time for today’s ‘facebook portrait’. This one is of my wife and ‘first mate’, Terri, done in oils (taken from a photo of her on our sailboat last summer).

And, there are some changes going on over at the ‘blown covers’ blog, with the weekly pace becoming too hectic to keep up with for the authors/curators, and it will switch over to a monthly format starting this week (with 7 more contests promised). The sketch below was my entry for last week’s ‘cats and dogs’ theme, which ended up in the reject pile. I was happy to see, however, that I was the only one who touched on the ‘Romney dog carrier’ idea. My first idea, doing something along the lines of a ‘facebook for dogs’ (whenever our dog goes out to sniff along the property line, we refer to it as ‘checking nosebook’, and imagine her ‘liking’ certain scents, or feeling the need to ‘comment’ on others), well, that concept was only picked up by one other artist, and it was more neatly and concisely drawn than I probably would have handled it.

Anyhow, with seven more of these ‘contests’ to go, I plan on trying to do a sketch for each and finish out the cycle. It has been an invaluable creativity exercise over the past few months, right when I needed it most.

Later in the afternoon I finished up another of the ‘museum figures’ (as well as made some adjustments to some of the existing figures).