117 Martin (& other stuff)

Facebook Faces, WSJ

Today’s portrait (right back in the comfort zone again) is of Martin, a local musician whom I met several years ago during the Woody Guthrie play where he was the music director. We’ve since gone on to collaborate on several ‘comic strips’ together in the past few years. (other members of this group were #102 (Erin, asst. director), #37 (Bud: old woody/pa), #42 (Glen: middle age woody), #51 (Annie: ma), #100 (Keenan: young woody).

Also today, I finished up the WSJ illustration. Below is how it eventually turned out (sort of a variation on a couple of the ideas I had proposed yesterday).

Also today, I signed up for yet another ‘portfolio site’ that my wife sent me a link to this morning. I hadn’t heard of this particular site before, but since it was free to sign up and post ten samples, I figured I’d give it a try. (My portfolio at ‘Creative Finder’). Plus I also signed up for a ‘Twitter’ account yesterday, after having a conversation about it with a few people over dinner the night before. Not really sure I understand what the point is with this site, other than being another way I can waste time during the day.