shaking the bushes again

Jukejoint Handmedowns, music, self portrait, Self Promotion

At the place where I get my ‘postcard’ mailings done, they award you ’email blast credits’ for each order you place, which you can then use to send out email advertisements. I’ve slowed down in sending these email ads since I first tried them last year, as I’m not entirely convinced they are doing any good whatsoever, but since I’ve accumulated the credits, and I might as well use them, we have put together a little quickie ad to send out later today. I used a number of my better ‘portraits’ that I’ve been doing this summer, and I may send out a different design next week (depending on how many credits remain).

In other ‘self promo’ news. The band I play with has been going through a ‘rebranding’ this past summer. We used to call ourselves ‘Big Tent Country & Western’, but, since potential venues seemed to have a knee jerk aversion to ‘Country Music’ in theory (probably thinking we are some sort of ‘modern country line dance band’, and those clients who are expecting that sort of thing are disappointed to find out we are more ’40s,50s,60s classic country’), we have changed our descriptive bi-line to read ‘Big Tent American Roots’, which is a little more vague and yet better representative of what we do. We’ve been gradually changing our advertising tools, and the business card redesign is one part of that changeover (pictured below, and click on the image to see a larger version).