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Facebook Faces

Today’s portrait was another high school classmate, Steph (I think she graduated with my brother #88). I purposefully tried to break out of my rut with this one, using unfamiliar tools (sponges, tinting tools, etc), and trying for a much looser playful approach. Not much on the docket today, so I’ll probably be doing another one later in the day, after I do a rough sketch for a client, and perhaps do some practicing for several gigs I have coming up later this week.

And, here’s Abbie, a girl from a softball team I played on last year (and learned that I was too old to play softball anymore, in a painful lesson) done in colored pencils, in a loose ‘scratchboard-ey’ style.

Well, as long as I’m on the subject of the ‘softball team’, here’s another teammate (and coach), and music director at our local community radio station, Pete.

And, lastly for today, David, a client from a few years back.