Sick (142 & 143, among other items)

Baker Book House, Facebook Faces, xibitz

Started coming down with a virus yesterday afternoon (thankfully, after most of the heavy workload was completed for the day, but I had to cancel band practice in the evening), and didn’t get much sleep last night. Feeling pretty awful today. I couldn’t sleep, so got up around 2:30 in the morning to work on a ‘blown covers’ idea that had occurred to me for this month’s contest, and finally got a few hours of shuteye between 5-8. Had another illustration for the ongoing ‘investment book’ (which I won’t be posting samples of, at the author’s request) yesterday and today, and finished up the last figure for the museum display project yesterday morning (pictured below). In between projects today, I did another ‘facebook portrait’ (above) of my cousin Kelly (her brothers #29 & #30, and her sister was #58), in pen and ink with a watercolor wash (since I’ll be working in a pen and ink style later this afternoon, I thought I’d use it to warm up).

On Monday, I tried to tackle another of the ‘Amish Girl’ illustrations, but the editor didn’t care for it, and I’ll be doing the replacement for this one later today.

And later in the day, did another ‘portrait’, this one of the daughter of the drummer for one of the bands I’m currently involved in, Kayleigh.