163 & Blown Cover Entry

Blown Covers, Facebook Faces

Really liked how last night’s portrait of Matt came out (#162), so tried to do another in a similar style (couldn’t quite capture the same magic though). This one is of ‘Cat’, another of the ‘Woody Guthrie’ people from that local theater production I was involved with several years ago (she was the stage manager), and we all seemed to join facebook right at about the same time. Others from that group include: #160 (John, Props), #149 (Bill, fiddle player, pit band), #117 (Martin, music director), #102 (Erin, asst. director), #37 (Bud: old woody/pa), #42 (Glen: middle age woody), #51 (Annie: ma), #100 (Keenan: young woody) and #127 (Margi: choral director), and of course, myself (Tim: Cisco & utility infielder).

And another ‘Blown Covers’ contest is over, and here was my entry for this month.

Meanwhile, continuing to finish up the ‘investment book’ interior illustrations, and I’ll be starting on another museum display project next week. Hope to be home in Grand Rapids this evening.