Working off nervous energy

Facebook Faces

Gonna be a busy music weekend, with an ArtPrize performance this afternoon, a private party over in Holland in the evening, plus another ArtPrize performance with a different band on Sunday, so, I’m working off some nervous energy before I have to pack up and leave today. Here’s another facebook portrait; a pencil/watercolor sketch of my niece Andie. Still an hour to go, so I might get another one or two done before I leave.

Oh, and if you happen to be in Grand Rapids over the next few weeks taking in ArtPrize, be sure and vote for my song entry (you can find listening stations at St. Cecilia’s on Ransom Ave, or you can vote online), and our voting code is 53301.

Sure enough, here’s another one. One of my ‘mystery facebook friends’, Deborah, whom I don’t think I’ve ever met, and have no idea what the connection is (other than the fact that she’s a local musician).