Back to Work

ChronicleHE, Facebook Faces, Furman University Alumni Magazine

Today, I finished up the series of spot illustrations for the Furman University Alumni Magazine (above, click on the image to see a larger version), plus did a series of rough concept sketches for an upcoming illustration for the Chronicle (pictured below).

And, trying to finish up this ‘facebook portraits’ challenge I set for myself (at this point, about 9 or 10 more to go), which I started back in April, and originally planned on being a ‘summer project’, but which has continued well into the fall season. Today’s two portraits are of my cousin Jerry (his father was #1 in the series, and I also did a few of his siblings, #54 and #62), and a local musician Joe (#190 and #191 for those who are keeping a scorecard).

Oh, and later, managed to find time for another portrait, #192, Kate, a former band-mate of #80.

… and another, this one is of a high school classmate, Keith (#193).