Sprint to the Finish Line

Facebook Faces

Down to the wire on this ‘facebook portraits’ self imposed challenge, and here are #196 Kelly (former client and coworker of my wife), #197 Kevin (high school classmate), #198 Lynn (friend of a friend), #199 Micki (friend of a friend) and #200 Tim (photographer friend of a friend). (Plus I also redid #131 Shelley, since I have discovered that since my last visit to her page, that some actual photos of her had surfaced). Almost finished, and I’ll post the entire set of 201 portraits later this week, but I have one more to do, plus a trio of portraits that I’ve been itching to redo (I know I know, I said ‘no looking back’ at the start of this thing, but these three have been really bugging me, and if I’m honest with myself, I really want to go back and redo about half of the entire set, but I’m trying my best to hold back).