2024 So Far


My 35th year as a freelance illustrator. So far, I’ve mostly been working on a series of ‘fantasy’ illustrations for a D&D style card game (one of the 40 or so illustrations is pictured above).

I’m reformatting this blog to make it much easier to navigate and to eliminate a lot of the excess samples that I’ve previously posted, over concerns about AI and how it uses samples without permission to ‘school’ the algorithm. This may take a while, so bear with me.

I’ve launched a Patreon site for my daily webcomic, and regularly post samples of my illustration work there rather than on this blog. Membership can be purchased for as little as a dollar a month (and even free memberships are available, although limited in scope). I am still working as a freelance illustrator, although getting near retirement and a little pickier about what jobs I take on.

For the past two years, I’ve been doing a daily webcomic on Instagram, inspired by a recent book assignment (‘Who Was Charles Schulz?’), and wondering what it would feel like to draw a comic strip every single day. The link to my ‘Mose Goes Walkies’ page is in the menubar above. I’ve begun self publishing a few collections of my earliest comics, and they are also available on the same website.

I will be adding to this ‘2024’ post as new major assignments warrant, but this website will mostly be a portfolio site for the time being, with limited samples.