A Farewell to Arms Update

Mose Goes Walkies, Skyhorse Publishing

Been a while since I’ve updated. I’m currently in the final two weeks of work on the illustrated version of “A Farewell to Arms”. I’ve been posting most of the samples from this collection of 30 illustrations at my Patreon site (this year I’ve started posting fewer samples here on this site, and giving my Patrons access to behind the scenes peeks at my work in progress – you can sign up for as little as $1 a month – simply follow the links to the ‘Mose Goes Walkies’ site for information).

And speaking of ‘Mose Goes Walkies’ (this is a daily web comic that I’ve been doing over the past year, also see link above, and here’s a sample of the latest comic), I’m happy to report that the ‘mini travelogue’ “How Not to Hike the John Muir Trail” that we published in March of 2023 on our Instagram site has won a few awards at the Grand Rapids Festival the Arts, and a sampling of pages will be up on display in Grand Rapids through the end of June.