Tax Inequality


Illustration for the Center for Public Integrity. Been quite a while since I’ve done one of these ‘editorial’ assignments. I’d almost forgotten how. I did the black and white portion of this illustration in Procreate on the iPad, but the sketch was done in Painter, as well as the color, which was also done in Painter. There are certain techniques that I haven’t quite figured out how to do in Procreate yet, but we’re getting there.

Witch Interiors Cont.


Each week, I’ve been concentrating on one Llewellyn “Witches Companion” interior illustration, working on the iPad in Procreate. Here’s the illustrations from the past two weeks. Meanwhile, I’m also working on two projects for Penguin’s “Who Was” series, and am awaiting the go-ahead on two other book projects that have been in limbo for a couple months. I’m continuing to plug away at the “Mose Goes Walkies” project (link in the menu above), and have so far completed over 150 strips.

GreenPrints assignment

Green Prints

An assignment for GreenPrints this week. Did this one on the iPad, as I’m increasingly doing for most of my work these days. I’m still currently working on several concurrent book projects (of which there’s not much I can share at this point), and the Llewellyn witch interiors are still in the works (I’ll have more to share next week), plus I have another Center for Public Integrity assignment that I’ll likely be sharing next week as well.

Witches Continued


Been using the iPad and Procreate more and more these past few weeks, especially for finished illustrations. This one above was the 2nd of several illustrations I’m working on for Llewellyn’s upcoming ‘Witches Companion’ annual. I’m still working out the bugs in this new software, but I’m enjoying the feel of the drawing materials, and am looking forward to trying the Penguin finishes in this manner (even though it might mean a little more prep work on the front end, at least in the early stages, until I figure out how to streamline operations).