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Finally managed to get the ‘Mose Goes Walkies’ website up and running. I’m not sure where this new venture is going, but I felt it was different enough from my usual work that it needed its own web presence. For those that are just joining us, I’ve been drawing a daily comic strip since May 31st of this year, with the goal of perhaps someday publishing these cartoons in some form in the future. At this point (I’m nearing 100 strips very soon) I consider it ‘on the job training’, learning to be a better cartoonist, expressing myself, fulfilling a lifelong ambition, call it what you will. There are links on the website to our Instagram account, our Patreon page, and several sample strips to peruse. The link in the menubar above will take you to the official website.

Illustration work

Delaware Today

Been a long dry summer at the illustration mines. Not much to post in quite a while. Been working on a few book projects (and have a few new ones in the coming months), and this past week I had a few spot illustration assignments from Delaware Today (several ‘exercise gear’ spots pictured above, and a few houses below).