Saving Earth


Last week I got my contributor copies of ‘Saving Earth’. This was a project that had been hanging around on my docket for nearly three years, which finally hits the bookshelves this month. I did 50 interior illustrations for this book (the cover illustration is not by me, but by Ollie Silvester ). Someday soon I will post all of the illustrations, but for now, here is a sampling.

I’m currently working on another couple of ‘Who Was’ books, and another book project for MacMillan, so I will likely be rather quiet on this blog for the next month or so while I am hard at work on those drawings.


Green Prints

A couple of small spot illustrations for GreenPrints this week. I’m also working on the next Witches Companion, which I should finish up tomorrow, plus I’ll be starting on the next “Who Was” book very shortly.