I and my wife’s 38th wedding anniversary today. Going out for a seafood dinner this evening in celebration.

Not much work going on here in the early part of December, but today I had a coloring book page update to Dover’s President Coloring book. This is a book I’ve contributed to once before, four years ago, when the ‘previous guy’ inexplicably got elected. The rest of the book is filled with similar looking illustrations by a couple other illustrators. There is some talk that the publisher may consider redoing the entire book so it has more of a consistent look. I’m hoping this happens, as I’d love a chance to take a crack at it.

Saving Earth


Finished up the interior illustrations for the upcoming book “Saving Earth” this week (was called “Losing Earth” when I first contracted for this project in 2019). This is scheduled to be released sometime early in 2022, and I did approximately 55 spot illustrations for the interior of the book (a different artist was contracted for the cover, which I got a peek at earlier this week). An interesting and informative book, and was a challenging project, especially in the concept phase. Here are a sampling of some of my favorites from the collection (more to come later when the book is out).