2021 Year in Review

personal, self portrait

A slight improvement upon 2020, but not by much. Approaching my 60th birthday, so took the opportunity to do a self portrait.

“What Unites Us” was finally released this spring to generally good reviews, but doesn’t appear to be selling all that briskly. I was glad of the experience, and it certainly whetted my appetite for more ‘comics’ assignments. (see last year’s ‘year in review’ for a sample from this book). The Covid years have taken their toll on my business, but I seem to still have a fair amount of ‘book projects’ of various sorts keeping me somewhat busy (an illustrated edition of the public domain ‘The Sun Also Rises’ pictured below). A few ‘Who Was’ books this year, plus the usual ‘Witches Companion’ illustrations.

Above is a book cover I did for John Griswold’s new book (I’ve been doing several spot illustration pieces for him for the ‘Common Reader’ over the past few years), and I also had a rather involved ‘Fantasy Recipe book’ for another publisher in the early part of the year (sample pictured below).