Xmas Week

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Just drawing for fun this week. Here’s an Ed “Big Daddy” Roth inspired cartoon, of myself driving my first car, the 76 Chevy Vega. Not nearly as bad-ass as portrayed here, the car eventually decomposed into a pile of rust just before I sold it to an unsuspecting victim in the early eighties.

Comics Page

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Wanted to spend the day drawing comics, and I probably should have been working on the John Muir Trail project, but had an vague idea for something else and decided to run it down and see where it went.

On Saturday evening, after a Kent Philharmonic Orchestra concert (with whom I play in the bass section), I had a chance encounter with a former client whom I hadn’t seen in probably 33 years (I’ve done work for his company more recently, but with other designers), and was flattered to discover that he is a reader of this blog, and he had asked about the status of the ‘John Muir’ book I was working on. It was a nice uplifting jolt to my self esteem, and I want to thank him for taking time out to say hi.

Impending Milestone

personal, self portrait

A friend of mine from California has been taking up drawing again after a long hiatus, doing a great deal of self portraiture. As my 60th birthday approaches next month, I have been a bit more introspective these past few months, and was inspired today to do a self portrait. I should really have started doing something like this back when I first started my career, much like Rembrandt meticulously chronicled his own aging throughout his life, but oh well, better late than never. Here I am on the cusp of 3 score years, in as unflattering a manner as I could muster. I shall endeavor to do another next year.

Another President


Dover decided to replace one of the previous pages in their ‘Presidents Coloring Book’, since it was getting updated anyway, so I had another one to do this week. Interesting to think that I’ve been illustrating through six presidential administrations, and there have been twelve of them since my birth. Eek, that’s nearly a quarter of the total number!


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Noticed this ‘internet anniversary’ thing going around instagram this morning, and after a little research, it looks like it’s been going on for many a year. As usual, very late to this party, but thought I’d put together one for this year, and do the obligatory ‘social media’ posts. Haven’t done a recent photo in years, and, yep, looking a bit older.