Now in Color

Delaware Today

Yesterday’s scratchboard illustration, which I added the color to this afternoon. This was for Delaware Today for an article on a charity golf tournament in Beau Biden’s name.

Back in the Saddle

Delaware Today

After a rather lengthy waiting period, I’m back to being busy again. Currently working on the finishes for two “Who Was” titles (expect to be finished sometime mid-November), and waiting for the other shoe to drop on two other book projects that I’ve been expecting word on any day now. Meanwhile, I have a magazine assignment for Delaware Today that I’m trying to squeeze in between the cracks. Did the black and white portion of it this afternoon, and will likely be posting the color version when I get it completed tomorrow.


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I was originally going to do a ‘Krampus comic’ on a single postcard for this year’s holiday card, but after discovering this new retro comics tool for photoshop, my wife suggested that I do a mini comic book instead. The plan is to do it on two 8.5×11 folded sheets and then saddle stapled. So it will be a total of 8 pages long and I have grand plans to do a mini ‘origins’ story, plus spoof several of the old comic book ads for the inside front and back covers. Stay tuned as this project comes together. Also, if you are not already on my holiday mailing list (usually friends and family and current clients), drop me an email and I’ll add you, as I’ll be mailing out approximately 250 of these this holiday season

I’m continuing to work on this project in my spare time over the next month, and will update this post with more of the finished pages (see below).

Retro Comic Coloring Tool


I got a new tool for Photoshop this weekend, and this (above) is my first attempt at trying to figure out all the bells and whistles. Still a lot to learn, but it has some intriguing possibilities once I get my mind wrapped around it. The photoshop add-on is called ‘Debaser’, if you want to check it out. Be forewarned, it is a memory hog.

On Sunday, I went back and tweaked it a little bit more (2nd sample), adding some word balloons (with a typestyle of my own that I have also been working on this week, maybe needs to be a little bolder and maybe a bit more italic). Been a while since I’ve had so much fun at the drawing board. Been in the zone most of the weekend, just playing with this new tool. I have been contemplating doing this year’s ‘Krampus’ card in this style, just so I can see how this sort of thing will reproduce. I’m wondering if the ‘dot pattern’ will somehow cause a moire pattern with the printing process.

Comics Project


Some down time, so I’ve started a comics project, that has been on a back burner for a while. Had some ideas over the past few days that I wanted to flesh out. Here’s the first panel, plus the original rough sketch.