What Was the Bombing of Hiroshima?


My Nineteenth title in the ‘Who Was’ series for Penguin was “What Was the Bombing of Hiroshima?”, which I illustrated in 2019. It was around this time that I started noticing that I seemed to be getting pegged as the ‘sensitive subjects’ artist, as subsequent titles would indicate. This was a tricky one, with lots of crowded scenes and devastation, but I was warned not to make it too horrific to avoid traumatizing the young readers. This is the first time sharing all 80 illustrations from this project (I usually try to wait a couple years past publication before posting). Come January, I shall endeavor to post the two titles that I did during the Covid year of 2020 (my twentieth and twenty first).

Rough Sketch

Delaware Today

Every once in a while I like to share the rough sketch phase of some of my projects. This is a two page spread for Delaware Today that I’m currently awaiting approval on before going to finish.

Slight Revisions

Skyhorse Publishing

The editor asked for a slight revision to Chapter Five (in “The Sun Also Rises”), so I took the opportunity to make a revision of my own to Chapter Three. I had noticed after rereading that I had neglected to pay attention to some costuming description on one of the characters in this scene. Glad I got a chance to catch it before publication.

Something Fishy

Delaware Today

Something a little different for Delaware Today this morning. The assignment was to feature a particular kind of fish (of which I was supplied very detailed reference), and to show it being fished by the local Native tribesmen (of which I was able to find only weak reference material), so I designed the illustration around the strengths and weaknesses (detailed and colorful fish in foreground, rather subdued tones and rough sketchy figures). Using a mix of digital tools and art materials, it came out kind of interesting.


University of Alabama

A new client contacted me a couple weeks ago with a portrait assignment for their Alumni magazine. It wasn’t actually due for a few more weeks yet, but since I was in a holding pattern awaiting go ahead on a few larger projects, I decided to get going on this and get it done early.