This week…

ABA, Delaware Today

Had a couple quick turnaround assignments this week, in addition to the book projects I’m currently working on (detailed in the last post). A series of three illustrations for the American Bar Association (client since 1997, and thanks so much for the assignments over the years!), and a graduation themed illustration for Delaware Today (client since 1999, and a big thank you to them as well, especially for all the work during these past two years).

Small Spots Oasis

Delaware Today, Llewellyn

As I was saying yesterday, I had a brief interlude this week (from the ongoing multiple concurrent book projects), working on some small scratchboard spot illustrations for Delaware Today. These were a trio of images to accompany an article on various legal issues of the day (in particular, ‘hacking’, ‘work at home issues’ and ‘vaccine mandates’). It had been a while since I’d worked in this style, so it was a nice change of pace and a break from what feels like 2 solid months of ‘the same old thing’ every day.

I also managed to squeeze in a rough sketch for the upcoming Witches Companion cover yesterday (pictured below), and was contacted about a few more ‘quick turnaround’ projects for next week, so hold on to your hats, the coming week is looking like it will be a bumpy ride.

Best Laid Plans

Delaware Today

I apparently jumped the starting gun yesterday when I went to finish on one of the three spot illustrations for Delaware Today. There was some confusion about which of my rough sketches they wanted me to do, and I picked the wrong one. Here’s the first of them, on ‘hacking’, replacing the one I did yesterday. I’m not too broken up about it, I actually like this one better. I plan on finishing up the other two tomorrow morning, and will post them at that time.

Mid August

Delaware Today

Been deep into several concurrent book projects this month, all with samples I won’t be sharing for a while for contractual reasons. Today I had a spot illustration assignment for Delaware Today magazine (one of three on various topics), and since I haven’t posted in a while, decided to share this one with the few readers still hanging around.

I recently finished up two books in the Penguin Young Readers’ “Who Was” series. “Who Was Charles Schulz?” and “What Was the Harlem Renaissance?” (the 22nd and 23rd title in this series that I’ve illustrated), and somewhere in the middle of working on those, I contracted for two more books in the same series; “Who Was Jimmy Carter?” and “What Was the A.I.D.S. Crisis?” (24th and 25th if anyone is keeping score).

At the same time I am working for MacMillan on a couple of books, one on Global Warming, and another one on the McCarthy Witch Hunts. And speaking of witches, another ‘Witches Companion’ cover will be forthcoming by the end of the month. Stay tuned, more updates to come.