Hemingway Sketches

Skyhorse Publishing

Back from a short trip to Florida to see my Mom, and diving into several book projects this week. It will likely be a while before I get to finished illustrations on any of these, so I thought I’d share the sketch process for one of the books. Above are some rough sketches for the cover, and below are several concepts for the interior chapters (1-5) for an illustrated reprint of ‘The Sun Also Rises’, coming soon for Skyhorse Publishing. I’m also concurrently working on a book on Climate Change for MacMillan, which I may also share sketches next week.

Book cover


A wrap-around book cover assignment that actually wasn’t due until July, but I had some open time this week before I get super busy with three simultaneous projects next week. This was for a writer who I did cover art for several years ago, and have been doing magazine essay illustrations over the past year. The idea of doing this derelict ship was quite intimidating, but once I got into it, it was quite fun. Below is a detailed version with just the boat.

Witch One?


Here’s how the finished version of the cover illustration turned out for an upcoming title for Llewellyn. Was trying for a little looser style as the AD requested something looking more like a woodcut/screenprint.

Then, after getting away from it for a bit, I took another look and realized that I wasn’t completely happy with how it turned out, and took another whack at it. This one is a bit less detailed and going for more of a ‘woodcut’ look.

And again, the next morning I took a look and wasn’t quite happy with how busy it looked, so tried to clean it up a little more and resubmitted it. Seem to be struggling with this one, and I’m not sure why.