Pirate Ship Revisited


The client for whom I did the ‘Pirate Ship’ illustration a few weeks back, requested another version with extended size, and details, and a border and overlaid text. Here’s how that turned out.

Ex Libris


In a holding pattern this week, awaiting the go ahead on a trio of book projects. I’ll be doing some misc work this week for a couple of author/clients, but in the meantime I thought I’d work up a design for a bookplate for my own personal use. My home library is quite extensive and I’ve long contemplated doing some custom stickers to add to my books.

Annual Oscar Poster

Oscar Poster, personal

Since around 2005, I’ve done an Oscar Nominations Caricature poster for my brother, to commemorate his annual ‘Oscar Viewing Party’ that he has thrown at his restaurant in Chicago (and for years prior to the restaurants’ opening in his own home). Me and my brother watched our first Oscar broadcast together in 1974, and whether apart or together, we always touch base and compare notes each year. I doubt if he will be doing his party this year, but I’ve gotten into the habit of doing these posters, and look forward to the challenge once the nominations have been announced. This year was interesting due to the pandemic, and the fact that a lot of theaters were closed, and many of the nominated films are available on streaming services (or even originated there). Anyhow, you can see the rest of the posters in the series here.

Recipe Book Wrap-Up

Media Lab Books, Topix Media

Here’s the last two illustrations from the ‘Fantasy Literature inspired Recipe Book’ project. Looks like a fun book, with some tasty sounding recipes to try, so keep an eye out for it. I’ll post an Amazon link as soon as it becomes available.