RIP Diana Rigg


Last week, Diana Rigg passed away. I and my brother Tom both had a significant crush on “Mrs. Peel” from the Avengers, and I was reminded of this fun little movie from the late sixties by my friend Cate. Did a quick caricature drawing this morning by way of a memorial (and belatedly to the hard drinking Oliver Reed who passed away over twenty years ago now).

Season of the Witch


Around this time every year for the past ten+ years, I’ve done a cover illustration for Llewellyn Publishing’s ‘Witches’ Companion’. In these uncertain times, it is comforting to still have a few steady clients, and I treasure them deeply. This is the 14th cover in this series that I have illustrated. You can see the rest of the series here.

Terry Pratchett Homage


At the start of this rather depressing year, I was finding myself reading a lot of apocalyptic and dystopian fiction, but it quickly became a bit too … Real, and rather Depressing. So around April, I switched over to rereading the entire Terry Pratchett Diskworld series of books, to lighten things up a bit. I’m currently halfway through “Reaper Man”, and felt the need to pay homage to a pair of my favorite characters from the novels, Death and the Death of Rats. (and I know, strictly speaking, the Death of Rats should be speaking in ALL CAPS, but it just didn’t work with this typestyle)