Wheatland Kids Hill Animation

animation, Jukejoint Handmedowns

Since Wheatland Music Festival was cancelled for this year due to the pandemic, the board of directors decided they needed a ‘performance video’ to offer to their many fans and supporters. Kids Hill, of which we’ve been involved with building musical instrument projects for several years, was allotted an hour of video for this compilation. I provided several short animated ‘links’ featuring a cartoon version of my friend Craig to help spice up the presentation. Here’s the entire collection of ‘intros’. (I’m also working on a partially animated children’s song video about a hippopotamus which I’ll be sharing very soon)

The Ugly Americans

Common Reader

An illustration for The Common Reader that I finished up this morning. Usually, when drawing women, I have to be extra careful to keep them ‘attractive’. I felt no such compulsion here. These past four years have brought all the ugly out in the open. It is past time it all went back under the rocks again.

RIP John Lewis


Read this morning in the news about the passing of John Lewis. Condolences to his family and friends and many admirers. Had a chance to draw him for a recent book on the Civil Rights Movement.

Where Is Hollywood?


In 2018 I illustrated my 17th title in the New York Times Bestselling “Who Was” series for young readers. This was probably my favorite of the books to work on, as I have been an avid movie buff (especially the early years of cinema) since a young child, and there’s nothing I like better than drawing movie screen legends. I have shared a sampling of illustrations from this book back when I completed it, but this is the first time sharing the entire collection of nearly 80 illustrations. I’m currently working on my 21st title, and recently finished up the 20th, but I usually wait a few years before sharing the illustrations.

Check out my ‘Penguin Portfolio Page’ for the complete list of books and links to the illustrations.