Sample Bookshelf


As a full time working illustrator, I’ve had time to amass quite a pile of printed samples of my work over the past thirty years. By no means a complete collection, it is starting to burst at the seams. For the first ten years, I was not very diligent about saving all my samples, but after twenty years had passed, I started to take this collection a little more seriously, and I scour eBay and thrift stores for copies of work that I’ve let slip through the cracks. I’m still on the lookout for old copies of Cicada magazine in which I’ve appeared (I’ve only got one copy), and I’m missing almost a decades worth of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, several early Baker Book House book covers, and a few editions of “A World of Literature”. If anyone has a lead on anything drop me an email, as I’m always eager to fill up these shelves. See the bibliography in the menu above for a full list of book titles.