Sports Legends Coloring Book


A few weeks ago, one of my Coloring Book fans left me a message on my facebook page, suggesting an idea for a new coloring book (along the lines of the ‘Western Legends’ book I did a few years back). They suggested I do a collection of ‘Sports Legends’, and the idea sounded like a good one to me, so I passed it on to my publisher. I haven’t heard back from them yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting started (and if I can’t get a publisher for this one, I may self publish). Here’s the first sample for the book (and a color version will be posted over the next few days), and a favorite of my deceased father, Tiger Woods.


Delaware Today, Today Media

Hunkered down at home like everyone else. A lot of my friends are having a hard time coping with the solitary lifestyle, the isolation, the face-to-face daily interactions of their co-workers. I feel for them, but let’s face it, I’ve had decades of practice at this. During the first twenty years, before I started playing music in a band, I rarely left the house and socialized with anyone other than parents at my son’s school functions.

The one thing I AM feeling, however, is the dread and the uncertainty for the future. Above is an illustration for Delaware Today, one of two that I’m working on this week. I am so grateful for their continued patronage in these difficult times. It has been a difficult year so far, slower than any in the past thirty, and this was before the pandemic hit. I had a few book projects lined up, but now I’m not sure they are still in the works, considering the impending recession. I am still open for business, and trying to keep focused and busy with ‘self generated’ projects. Stay healthy everyone, and best of luck weathering the storm.

Back to the Beginning


Back in 1989, when I started freelancing, I had few if any clients, and spent a majority of my time drawing samples and self promotional pieces, anything to keep busy and practice drawing. One of the earliest portraits I can remember drawing back then, was a portrait of my favorite authors, Charles Bukowski. I have returned to that subject this afternoon with a new portrait, thirty some years later (I also happen to be reading a biography and re-reading his first novel “Post Office” currently, so he was on my mind). I plan on using some of my down time on doing new samples for my ispot page (I was told that every time I upload new samples, I get bumped to the front of the queue for potential clients viewing), plus working on my John Muir book (see previous posts). Trying to keep busy.

John Muir Trail Book

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Last year, while we were in the midst of our 4 week trip, the idea was proposed amongst the four of us that we should turn our adventure (or series of misadventures) into a graphic novel. This spring I have been working on doing just that, and here’s another page sample from the project. (I posted another sample a few weeks ago) I envision the book as a mix of comedic travelogue (along the lines of Bill Bryson’s ‘A Walk in the Woods’), and ‘hiking dos and don’ts’ guide (learn from our mistakes), with occasional nature tidbits (like the old ‘Mark Trail’ comic strip), with a bit of middle-age angst and philosophy thrown in for good measure. Hoping to pick up speed and get enough done to start shopping the idea around soon.