Oscar Poster 1975

Oscar Poster, personal



On a roll this year, and got another Oscar Poster done. These are mostly for the benefit of my brother, Tom, who shares an obsession with me about this yearly broadcast, and for both of us, the seventies being a particularly favorite decade for movies. Earlier posts explain the story behind these caricature posters, and just in the past week or so, you can find a poster for the current year (2019), and one for 1973 and this one, 1975. You will also find a link to the entire collection of these posters, going back some 14 years.

Been a While


MortgageFinishwebI heard from a client last weekend whom I haven’t worked with in almost five years, thanks to a random encounter through my new Instagram account. At one time, the Wall Street Journal would have accounted for at least 1/3 to 1/2 of my yearly workload. The last time I worked with them was in 2015. Nice to have a chance at one of their assignments again. This one was a feature illustration plus a couple of small spots that could be sprinkled around the article. Thanks Kris!

MortgageSpotsFinishwebIn the meantime, I’m still waiting around for a couple of book projects to get going. Should have a major announcement coming soon.




Throwback Thursday (a little late)

Oscar Poster, personal

Oscars1973webAnd the finished version for the ‘backdated’ Oscar poster for 1973. Been snowed in this week, waiting on the start of a big project, and got it in my head to do an extra poster, as long as I was ‘in the zone’. Was fun to go back and do another one of these things after having taken a few years off.