THROWBACK THURSDAY: Instructional Fair Spots Part Two

Instructional Fair



Over the past few weeks, I’ve been digging through the archives and posting some heretofore unseen cartoon spot illustrations that I did for Instructional Fair back between 1998 and 2004. Most of these haven’t seen the light of day since publication, and I am sharing each set in their entirety. Click on the links below to see the collections for each book.

Teamwork Test Prep Teachers Guide Grade Five

Teamwork Test Prep Teachers Guide Grade Four

Teamwork Test Prep Teachers Guide Grade Three

Character Education

Building Writing Skills 2

Building Writing Skills 1

Genres of Literature

The above illustration is the cover art for ‘Genres of Literature’ from 2001, one of the rare few times I did color cover artwork for this publisher.


Hudson Valley, Today Media

horsemanwebHere’s the finished illustration for Hudson Valley that I did yesterday morning (I had shared the rough sketch a few posts ago). It is interesting how I seem to have developed a completely different style for this one client.


THROWBACK THURSDAY: Instructional Fair Spots

Instructional Fair



This past week, I’ve been digging through the archives and have found a treasure trove of hundreds of black and white spot cartoons that I had done for Instructional Fair (Carson Dellosa) around 1998-2004. These were for children’s workbooks for the most part, and the topics and subject matter would vary widely. I’ve posted each book’s collection in its entirety for the first time since publication, and the links to each posting can be found below. (above is a sample page of spots from ‘Teamwork Test Prep Grade Three’).

Outdoor Science Classroom (2004)

Teamwork Test Prep Grade Eight (2004)

Spanish Vocabulary Poster Icons (2004)

Teamwork Test Prep Grade Seven (2004)

Teamwork Test Prep Grade Six (2004)

Teamwork Test Prep Grade Five (2004)

Teamwork Test Prep Grade Four (2004)

Teamwork Test Prep Grade Three (2004)

These projects were instrumental in developing my ‘cartoon style’ through sheer volume and quick deadlines during that period when I was making the transition from physical to digital illustration. I’ve still several years of art to dig up and collate, so stay tuned for next week when I’ll unveil another collection.

Sketch Day – Eye of the Storm

Dover, Hudson Valley, rough sketches, Today Media


Been a while since I’ve shared any rough sketches. This week is sort of a ‘eye of the storm’ with several book projects at the halfway point between sketch and editor approval stages, and I’ve only got a few quick turnaround projects to occupy my time. The above is a rough sketch for a Hudson Valley illustration, and below is a rough sketch for another Dover Evergreen Classics book cover (‘A Little Princess’). I’ll be finishing these up later this week, and I’ll post the finishes at that time.


In the meantime, I’ve also been digging through the archives and discovering a treasure trove of cartoon spot illustrations that I did for Instructional Fair back around 1999-2004 that I have not previously shared on this blog. I’m thinking of doing some colorizing and repurposing of those illustrations for the stock art market. I’ll be sharing some of these collections on upcoming ‘Throwback Thursday’ posts, so stay tuned.



Hudson Valley, Today Media



After a year which has been filled with a lot of book projects, where I’ve been working on the same style every day for months on end (mostly pen and ink line art lately), it was nice today to have a change of pace. The above portrait was a two page spread for Hudson Valley magazine (usually I do spot art for them, and this was the first time they tried a portrait for a feature article, at least with me). Not a lot of photo reference for the face available, so I always get a little nervous that I’m capturing a close enough likeness. Anyhow, it was refreshing to work on some quick turnaround assignments (and a few more coming next week, as there is a brief lull in the book projects between sketch and final stage).