Who Was Sir Isaac Newton?


Having just finished up another ‘Who was’ book for Penguin this week (the latest one is ‘What Were The Ten Commandments?’, available soon on Amazon), I thought I’d share a batch of illustrations from another of the books in this series that I completed a few years ago. This was the 6th book in this series that I did interior illustrations for, on Sir Isaac Newton. I’ve shared a few samples of these illustrations here on this site in the past, but this is the first time I am sharing every illustration from the book (80 or so, give or take). I’ll be posting samples from the next book, “Who Was Robert Ripley?” next month.

Fiction Piece

River Styx


Here’s a piece I did for River Styx this afternoon for a bit of fiction in the next issue. More illustration samples to come later in the week.


A few weekend jobs

ChronicleHE, Dover

A few jobs that I worked on over the weekend. I’m still in the middle of the Ten Commandments book project for Penguin, but should be wrapping that one up next week. The job above was one for the Chronicle of Higher Education that I finished this morning, and below is another book cover for Dover’s ‘Evergreen Classics’ series of reprints, this one being a ‘two books in one’ edition of ‘Tom Sawyer Detective’ and ‘Tom Sawyer Abroad’. I’m also continuing work on my band’s upcoming CD release, which we are hoping to get out in early summer.

I’ve still got a few more coloring book pages to share from last year’s ‘Animals’ book, plus some samples from the newer ‘Beautiful Trees’ book. I’ll also be sharing another of my ‘Who Was’ books from a couple years ago. Stay tuned.