Krampus 2015

Self Promotion

That time of year again. This is the fifth Krampus card I’ve done, and this year, I thought I’d try doing one in the scratchboard style. As with the previous images in this series, it is available on various bits of merchandise at my Zazzle storefront (see the ‘store’ link in the menu above).

Late November and Winter is Closing In

ChronicleHE, WSJ

After a trip to Germany in the early part of the month, arrived home to a few projects that almost felt like ‘old times’, a series of spots for the Wall Street Journal (pictured below) and an updated version of an old illustration for the Chronicle of Higher Education (pictured above – they had an older small black and white illustration that I did probably in 2005 that seemed to fit the story, and originally wanted to reprint it, but I was unable to make that work, so revised with some new artwork). Nearing Thanksgiving now, and I’ve just started work on sketches for a new book project, and am contemplating doing something radically different with my self-promotion in the coming year (more details on this to come).